MD Gallery, the little gallery on a big mission.

“Artwork is essential in the home. Enriching everyday spaces with stimulating, evocative and emotive pieces: this is my passion and my purpose.” 

MD Gallery is a physical representation of how artworks interact and connect with people, with the physical environment they are placed in, and with the artworks positioned around them.

The white-space environment that is simultaneously minimalistic and overflowing with creativity, was founded in July 2017 by Megan Dickinson and Walter Yeoman. The gallery is located in what is quickly becoming the ‘it’ part of town and is currently the singular contemporary fine art dealer gallery in Whangarei.

On a monthly rotation, MD Gallery hosts an inspiring schedule of solo and group exhibitions, by established and emerging artists. Whilst the focus is on representing Northland artists, Megan regularly invites ‘out of town’ artists to participate in group shows.

About Megan Dickinson

Megan Dickinson has held a lifelong talent for curation. With a very keen eye for detail, this skill naturally led her to artistic expression: in floral design, landscape design, photography and art curation. Megan’s ability to create connections through placement and curation is not just a talent, but a true passion. Early on Megan followed this passion to Europe, where an immersive education in floral design launched her into a successful fifteen-year career in the world of flowers – founding the Megan Dickinson Floral Design School, Auckland in early 2000. During this time she was a regular columnist for NZ Garden Magazine, a guest lecturer and designer for the Ellerslie Flower Show, and the author of At Home With Flowers.

Fulfilling a passion to study art, Megan graduated in 2014 with a degree in Applied Arts, Visual, from Northtec, Whangarei. It was during this period that she further developed her talent for art curation, whilst immersing herself in painting, sculpture, printmaking, and photography.

Megan’s ability to shift perspectives and enhance visual impact across various mediums is remarkable and it is at MD Gallery that this skill and passion is best demonstrated.